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32×27cm, 240 pages, harcover


Special order – printed on demand


There is more to the Mekong Delta than floating markets. 


Vietnam has become one of the top travel destinations in Southeast Asia. However, situated at the southern tip of the country, beyond the main tourist trail, the Mekong Delta has largely managed to miss out on mass tourism. 


Few people venture further than the few easy-to-reach canals, floating markets and fish sauce factories that can be visited in an organised day trip from Ho Chi Minh City.


Those who do, discover a fascinating region where life revolves around water, people are busy producing enough fish and rice to feed the whole of Vietnam, and a unique southern charm that welcomes everyone who makes the effort.


This book offers a glimpse into the everyday life and work of the people of the Mekong Delta, beyond the tour boats and congested canals.

9 to 5 Dragons

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