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Sounds of London

Lara Ricca, an MA student in Museum, Galleries and Contemporary Culture at the University of Westminster, is planning an exciting exhibition this summer.

"Sounds of London focuses on the sounds and photographs of London without its people during the March lockdown. By displaying this particular historical period, the exhibition aims to encourage the audience to rediscover the act of listening and the real sound of London. It also allows people to observe from another perspective places that they have visited or lived every day."

The project is in collaboration with the sound designer Will Cohen, who recorded the sounds across the city. Each recording is linked to a photograph from my 'Pause' series. The exhibition ends with a video of Alessandro Mariscalco, an Italian video maker, who recorded a journey through the empty streets of London.

Lara has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help finance the exhibition. It would be great if you would support the exhibition.



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