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Podcast – Producing and marketing photobooks

I meant to post this weeks ago, as the podcast went live in early January. But better late than never!

I was honoured to be invited by Anne Juka and Erik Schlicksbier to be interviewed for their Studio Kreativkommune podcast back in December. The episode is about the different ways and options of producing, financing and selling photobooks available to photographers today.

It's an in-depth conversation dealing with all aspects of photobook-making, from editing and book design to finding a publisher or going it on your own, as well as ways of financing a book project and avoiding potential pitfalls along the way.

Unfortunately, it's all in German. It's also more than three hours long! But there's been a lot of positive feedback so it's definitely worth tuning in if the language is not a barrier.

Here's the link. It's also available through all the usual podcast outlets.



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