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Pause – new edition

Exactly a year ago, at the beginning of the first lockdown, I started my nightly cycling trips through a deserted London to capture images of the city like I had not seen them before. Last November, I published ‘Pause’, a book with photos I made on these excursions.

Rather than painting a depressing and desolate picture of ‘Lockdown London’, I wanted to present aspects of my city that would be overlooked in normal times. I wanted to draw attention to details that would go unnoticed were there the usual crowds of people to distract from them.

When ’Pause’ eventually came out, the book sold out within less than four weeks. Most of the original edition went to the backers of the Kickstarter campaign I set up to finance the project. The remaining copies were snapped-up up before I could even think about how to make the book available to a wider audience.

After a tough few months without paid work and anguish about the future, it was equally surprising, relieving and exhilarating that my photographs resonated with so many people. Suddenly I was busy again, spending weeks with packing and sending out books to destinations all over the world (and dealing with delivery problems, mainly caused by covid-related delays).

It felt great to sell out the book. But on the other hand, a number of people missed out because they got their order in too late, and I was convinced there was more life left in ‘Pause’.

So here it is, a new, revised version of ‘Pause’, which includes several images not included in the original edition, and an all-new dustjacket.

The book is now available for pre-order. So if you fancy a copy, get it while stocks last.



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