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The Triangle

There are few neighbourhoods in London, or indeed anywhere else, that are charged with a spirit and sense of place like the streets and markets around Atlantic Road, Brixton Road and Coldharbour Lane, locally referred to as the Brixton Triangle – the beating heart of the community.


Today, more than ever before, Brixton is a place of contrasts and colliding cultures. It has a complex history marked by struggles for equality, justice, and self-determination. The current wave of gentrification is only the latest episode in a succession of profound transformations that have kept changing the face of the area over the decades.


I have been living here ever since I moved to London from Germany almost 25 years ago. Not only have I been a first-hand witness to the changes happening around me, it’s also a neighbourhood that has taken me a long time to build a relationship with. Sometimes I feel as much an alien as I did the day I first arrived. Encountering its people and making these images is my way of making connections, defining my place among fellow Brixtonians.


The Triangle is not an attempt to make a definite statement about Brixton or about gentrification, rather I’m hoping to make universal observations that might resonate beyond south London and touch open themes such as spirit, pride, determination and resilience. I want my work to contribute to the visual record of Brixton's past, present, and future.

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